A dashboard for Scrum Masters

When I entered the team “Quality Engineering in Containers and Public Cloud” I was very excited because I had the opportunity to be a Scrum Master of a small team but with 6 projects in parallel, each one of them with a separate backlog. The process of reviewing all the tickets to find problems to solve from the SM perspective was tedious. But one day I found an interesting github project from Vasileios Anastasiadis. It was a dashboard for the QA-Tools team. I contacted him and he was super interested in helping me. This is how we finally designed the dashboard for QE-C team


Docker is consuming your hard disk?

If you’re a heavy user of docker you’ll for sure have a lot of trash in your /var/lib/docker

Check for your self:

sudo du -sh /var/lib/docker

To clean it, follow these simple steps (DISCLAIMER, This will stop and remove all the current containers):

  1. Remove the containers (and stopped too)
docker ps -a -q | xargs docker rm -f
  1. Remove all downloaded and build images
docker image ls -q |  xargs docker image rm -f
  1. Remove all volumes
docker volume ls -q | xargs docker volume rm -f

A simple tutorial of JQ

Show how JQ could be used to query a JSON with a lot of possibilities. For these examples I am using the output derived from a openQA API query.

openqa-cli api --host http://openqa.suse.de /jobs limit=5000 result="failed" latest=1 >output.failed.json

To know more about API query, please visit Cris’ tutorial

JQ is huge, so I am only explaining some useful examples derived from some tickets when I was working in openQA and tools team at SUSE. To know more about JQ please visit https://stedolan.github.io/jq/

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A openQA container for openQA users

Using openQA command line tools without install anything

openQA provides different scripts and a CLI command line application to interact with it. For instance:

  • cloning a job with clone_job
  • cloning a job from using a test from a git repository
  • Accessing to the API using the openqa-cli

But it is necessary to install openqa-devel packages to use this.

The proposal I share here is to use the power of containers to use these scripts without installing anything.


Easy way to use React in a single page

On 20 of January of 2021 I prepared a workshop for my team colleges at SUSE about React JS. The objective was to introduce React JS and how to use this in single page webs. We were NOT using in these examples node JS but a simple HTML that any browser could open and execute.

For thas workshop I prepared a presentation and some examples